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The Kiss the Cancer Away poster garnered many a smooch during SAVY's fundraiser.    Photo Courtesy Greta Sanders

Kiss the Cancer Away

Article By: Greta Sanders
Feb 05, 2016

         SAVY’s Kiss the Cancer Away booth was a fantastic success on Thursday, January 28th at the Columbus basketball game. What was the booth, you might ask? Why were people running around with lipstick on? This article is here to answer all your questions! Get all the info you need with our who, what, why, and where format.

WHO: Serving and Volunteering Youth (SAVY) is a school organization dedicated to serving our local school and community through service projects.

WHAT: Kiss the Cancer Away is a fun way to get people involved in SAVY’s fundraising effort. Participants donate however much money they choose, apply lipstick with a q-tip, kiss the handy-dandy poster on the cafeteria wall, and then sign their name by their lip print.

WHERE: The Kiss the Cancer Away booth was set up in the cafeteria, and volunteers manned the booth at halftime of boys and girls JV and Varsity.

WHY: Perhaps the biggest and most important question, the why is easy to answer! Kiss the Cancer Away raised money for the Sweet Grass Cancer Alliance, an organization here in Big Timber that supports residents undergoing cancer treatment.

Thanks to the support of Big Timber, SAVY was able to raise $147.92 to support the Sweet Grass Cancer Alliance. As usual, thank you Big Timber for your generous support! 

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