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Seven Reasons Why I HATE the Snow

Article By: Caitlyn Corso
Dec 15, 2015

While I do appreciate the beautiful sparkling ground, and the joy of sledding with friends that the snow brings, for me personally the bad of the snow outweighs the is the bad.

  1. It´s cold

Waking up to weather that is below 0 is not my idea of fun. Your entire wardrobe has to change, which is not always a bad thing, just a hassle to dig out the winter clothes when you could be using your valuable time for something else. Walking outside now becomes a terrible ordeal that you have to take at least five minutes to prepare for- a coat, boots, hat, and gloves are now necessary to walk out to your car, unless you want to risk hypothermia. My hands are always cold, always, no exceptions, along with my nose, ears, and toes.

  1. It's slushy

This one is pretty self-explanatory, but I´ll elaborate anyways. As the snow starts to melt, it turns into a dirty slush that you have to trudge through to go anywhere. This slush is relatable to puddles when it rains, except the slush is dirty and icy. When this slush freezes it becomes an even bigger issue, and you have to ice-skate through the parking lot. It is also hard to walk through, and splashes onto your clothes as you walk, leaving you cold and dirty.

  1. It ruins my shoes, along with my life

To go along with walking through the slush, the snow ruins your shoes. Within a matter of minutes outside your shoes are soaked, and your feet are frozen. Unless you want to wear snow boots everywhere, which is not ideal for a school day, the chances of you having to go through your day with drenched shoes increase tremendously. The slush also makes your shoes dirty, because it´s a mixture of snow and mud, so then your shoes are soaked and disgusting. Sure, you could bring shoes to change into once you get to where you´re going, but that's just one more thing to worry about and most people don't want to deal with that.

  1. There is no point to doing anything with my hair

Most people´s daily routine includes doing something with their hair, which is essentially pointless to do when it is snowing outside. As soon as you walk outside chunks of ice fall on your head and ruin whatever you decided to do. The snow doesn't even have to be falling hard, it just soaks your hair regardless. Even if you wear a hat or hood to protect your hair from the snow, there is now the possibility that you will have hat hair, which isn't ideal either.

  1. It's only pretty the first day

I will admit that snow is pretty, it's pretty as it´s falling and once it has stuck to the ground, but only for the first day. After a day of sparkling in the sun, it just looks gross. It gets dirty and slushy, and loses it's sparkle. Everyone stomps it down, the wind blows it around with the dirt(especially in Big Timber), and people drive on it. This isn't anyone´s fault, life must go on, however the snow then loses one of it's only beneficial aspects.

  1. It´s dangerous--especially for a klutz

Not only does it lose it's sparkly charm within a day or two, it also becomes dangerous. When the snow begins to turn into slush, and then freeze into mini ice rinks, it becomes an obstacle course to walk to your house. It becomes slippery, and one wrong step onto an ice patch will likely end in you falling onto the cold hard ground. When it is already difficult for you to walk without tripping on a normal day, the snow becomes one of your worst enemies. The roads also become dangerous, and accidents are much more likely to occur.

  1. It's freezing outside, but a sauna inside

Like I said before, it is extremely cold outside, so to go to school or work you have to put multiple layers on in order to not freeze to death. Now that you have all these layers on you're good to go, until you have to walk into the building. As soon as you walk into a building you begin to have a heat stroke because the heat is turned all the way up to keep the building warm, understandably so. However, now you have to have snow clothes to simply walk from the parking lot to the building, but have shorts and a tank top to be inside without being overly hot. It´s a constant struggle to decide what to wear because the weather outside and the temperature inside usually differ dramatically, so you can never be sure what you will want to wear in order to be comfortable. 

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