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Sleep Deprivation Proves to be Detrimental

Article By: Caitlyn Corso
Jan 30, 2015

Sitting down in a desk in any classroom on any given school day is always hard, however this task becomes even more difficult when a student has stayed up all night trying to study for a test that they have to take that period. Many students do not just have school to worry about. Some have extracurricular activities such as basketball, track, or cheerleading. some students even have a job on top of all of this already stressful work. “Pay attention in school, give 110% effort at practice, be friendly to customers at work, do all of your homework, eat dinner, spend time with your family, do chores, and get at least eight hours of sleep every night.”

These are commonly heard phrases for students, even for students who don’t do all of those activities, they still have more than school to focus on. Although they are always told that school takes priority over anything else, because without school they will not go to college and get their degree. However, how are student supposed to balance being successful in everything that they do, and getting enough sleep?

Studies have shown that students have so much to do in an average weekday, that they do not get enough sleep to be prepared and fully awake for the next busy day to come. Although, what other options do students have. If there is an important test the next day, but you have practice that night for basketball and then for FFA, where are you supposed to make time to study? Not only is there a test to study for, but you have an English paper due in two days.

Prioritize. That is another common phrase heard for students, Although, how is one supposed to prioritize all of the activities they are expected to do, when a person is supposed to be successful in everything they do. Yes, school is ultimately the largest priority, or so students are told, but if they do not go to practice and make sure that they will have the perfect layups at the game on Friday night, they let their team down. When they let the team down the team may seem as though they are less important than school. Why would a student let their team down and lose the game, when they could just get one bad grade on a test.

The student decides to go to practice and study once they get home, but dinner is on the table. So they sit down and eat and once they get time to study it is already 8:30 pm. “Oh well just stay up and power through it.” Students stay up until two in the morning at times studying for this test, and have to wake up in five hours. They get five hours of sleep and start their next busy day, expected to be wide awake and alert for everything they do.

Teenagers should be getting at least eight and a half hours of sleep each night. Not getting enough sleep can be detrimental to many aspects of that student’s life in many different ways. Whether it be their grades dropping rapidly and spiraling out of control, or doing poorly at practice which in turn cause them to do poorly at the big game. Whatever the case may be, students can only do so much and still be successful in everything that they do.

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