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The Beneficial Aspects of a College Education

Article By: Caitlyn Corso
Jan 07, 2015

The Beneficial Aspects of a College Education

Nowadays many people wonder if spending their time and money on a college education will be beneficial to the outcome of their life. “Why waste my money? I could just spend that time working and make more money than I would with a college degree anyways” said an anti-college education student. This theory makes sense for some people, however with the world changing so drastically as it will continue to do, a college education is becoming more necessary and essential to everyday life. Many people, whether they attend any schooling further than high school or not, aspire to do something great with their lives. The definition of a great life is different for many people, and money is not always in that definition, but generally providing a nice life for yourself and your family is a large part of achieving the life you want. Some people will argue that money doesn’t buy happiness, which is true for some people, but providing the life you want for yourself will cost money. As the world progresses, so do the things people want to buy. There will always be new cars, phones, and clothes that people simply have to have. These items are not cheap, and jobs are often hard to find. The unemployment rate for people without a high school diploma is 8.5%, 5.6% for people with a high school diploma, 4.9% for people with some college or an associates degree, and 3.2% for people with a bachelors degree or higher. These statistics show that the likeliness of finding employment will increase with the amount of schooling you have undergone. Yes, jobs are available without a college education, however jobs are slim. If a person without a high school diploma and a person with a bachelors degree apply for the same job, management will likely take into consideration the qualifications, investment, and dedication a person with a degree has put into their education comparatively to a person who didn’t finish high school. With the money spent on college some may still think that it is a waste, but the better job a person is able to achieve, the more money they will make, and the faster they will be able to pay off their students loans and start gaining more than they are losing. If college is an option for your future, it should be considered because in the long run it will be beneficial to a successful life.

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